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    Metric-Driven, Results Oriented
    Breadth and Depth of
    Manufacturing Resources and
    Capabilities that Transcend
    We extend your team’s capabilities to ensure stability of operations and improve financial performance
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    Capable, Comprehensive, Confidential
    Smart Solutions for
    Your Manufacturing Business
    From Supply Chain and Operations, to Customers and Markets
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    Delivering Stability and Growth
    We Know Manufacturing.
    With Experience and Capabilities
    to Strengthen Your Team.
    Building Upon Manufacturing Legacies


Committed to Results

BlackCap brings global value chain manufacturing expertise to work with clients in a unique way.

Every client is different. From the beginning we dedicate time to listen and ask questions. Often this starts with the executive team and the owner. Always our work involves walking the shop floor and talking with the people that are driving production. We gather information and process it with the experience and knowledge of BlackCap’s multi-dimensional team that has owned, operated, bought, sold, turned around and grown manufacturing companies globally. We pair this with our dedicated affiliates that bring deep expertise in banking, risk, tax, legal and other areas. We then deliver solutions that cover the gamut of manufacturing issues, from external supplier challenges, deep into operations, ERP systems, automation and workflows, into administration, engineering, and information technology (IT), and to markets and customers.

BlackCap’s objective is to deliver optimal operational performance while realizing financial goals.

Our engagements are tailored to meet the unique interests of each client. They can be as short as a few months and as long as many years. To determine any engagement, we begin with an analysis. In some cases, BlackCap will conduct a deep analysis on one specific area or issue. Other times, clients decide that having a comprehensive view of their entire business will be the best way to identify root case issues and otherwise unforeseen opportunities. In any case, we move quickly to set forth an objective metric-driven plan for the immediate, short, middle, and long-term. BlackCap takes action by implementing solutions at the direction of our client. We also will work in collaboration with our client’s internal team to implement solutions. In this way, BlackCap serves as an extension to a client’s existing team, bringing additional depth of skills and capabilities, because making significant change happen is never easy.


About Us

Knowing life on the inside of a manufacturing company as an operator is key. The BlackCap team has led, grown, acquired, integrated and turned around manufacturing, globally.


What We Do

We uncover and exploit opportunities, drive performance, and realize growth using metric-driven analysis, planning and execution.


How We Do It

We listen, gather facts, and use best in class practices to develop and implement solutions with and for our clients.



Every experience is unique. Just like every client is unique. What matters is taking learnings from each of these to then impart this knowledge in making future experiences and all clients better.


Our Reach

Clients have needs that often are addressed by subject matter experts that are both local and global. We have broad reach to provide solutions with impact.


Next Steps

You will tell us. We are at your disposal. And, as is always the case, our clients are always in control.


How We Do It



Comprehensive end-to-end analysis leading to metric-driven resource defined plan

Uncovering and defining the problems and opportunities not just the symptoms



Sustainable and scalable process driven to organize work, resources and outcomes

Prioritized to address the greatest impact for the business and its finances



Working together or independently we put the plan into action

Backed by industry and trade experts with a committed affiliate network



If it is of value it must be measured

Reflecting and adjusting as needed to achieve milestones


We know manufacturing, globally.


Highly Connected, Deeply Engaged

Meet Our Team

We operate seamlessly around the world. Our international team delivers results for clients that are globally oriented but locally focused for both high impact and deep value.

Managing Director

Mission, vision, and values matter. Knowing what you do and for whom is important especially when it comes to what you want to achieve. Underpinning this with what really matters is critical.

Strategist, Open-Minded, Executioner


Globally oriented leader with deep expertise in what underpins and can transform manufacturing companies for long-term advantage and profitability. Possessing knowledge and heart to make others better in practical and meaningful ways.

Committed, Competitive, Transparent

Affiliate Partner
Mumbai, India

Private equity in India and the Middle East with both breadth and depth for deal flow, knowledge base, and talent to meet the demands of even the largest global clients. Knowing and executing on when off-shoring can and should be part of a company's strategy.

Affiliate Partner
Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting, growing, and scaling a company is a combination of ideas, talents, resources and luck. Luck, however, can be created if you work hard enough to get the right ideas, talents and resources. Private equity and public company leader that has started and scaled, with the right luck.

Affiliate Partner
London, United Kingdom

It is not always about being right. Sometimes it is about what works right. Taking the real-world path to realize outcomes can be better than only reading about theory. Strategically and tactically leading organizational and operational change to achieve corporate goals.


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Metric-driven results to improve operations and financial performance.